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Taking a chance. Telling a secret. Reaching out. Finding out who you really are. Taking a chance. Visiting a Doctor. Talking about your feelings. Trying new things. Jumping into something when you aren’t sure it’ll work. Forgiving yourself. Meeting yourself. Experiencing something new. Taking a chance.

You know what’s scary?


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new fav image on the entire Internet


new fav image on the entire Internet

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This is so fucking important.


This is so fucking important.

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Dogs catching underwater.

So simple.
So good.

Text 14 Jul 220 notes Trying to balance schoolwork even though you’re so focused on your recovery
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Reblog this, and watch this, and I’ll check out your blog lol I’m still recovering from my wisdom teeth removal and need something to do.

here’s the link to watch it on YT

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So today I tripped and fell onto a lovely patch of barnacles and sliced open my leg

Super fun, right?

But as I was sitting on a rock cleaning the wound, I started watching the cut knit itself back together, noticed the blog clot, observed my body healing it self like magick.

I ran my fingers…

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Forever reblog

i found my favorite post in all of the world

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